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The CREATIVE Academy

A Design and Media Academy Endorsement on the High School diploma will be awarded to students who complete the requirements of the academy.




PHONE: 262.255.8444

  • Coursework
    • Introduction to Digital Media-REQUIRED COURSE
    • Graphic Design 1 -REQUIRED COURSE
    • Media Production 1 -REQUIRED COURSE
    • +3 additional strand-specific courses [see grid below]
  • Co-Curricular Connection
    • 2 field trips related to career or college post-secondary opportunities during 10th-12th grade, accompanied by a written reflection (submitted via Google Form)
    • Active involvement in at least one creative co-curricular activity
      •  Falls Creative, Yearbook, FBLA Reg/State
  • Community Engagement
    • 2 Job Shadows (4+ hours each) during 10th-12th grade, accompanied by a written reflection (submitted via Google Form)
    • 20 hours of volunteer experience in a related field during 9th - 12th grade
      • Participation in groups/clubs related to this academy contributes to this total
  • Capstone Experience (12th grade)
    • Select One
      • AP Art & Design 2D Design- Design & Communication Strand
      • Media Production 3- Media & Communication Strand 
      • Falls Creative or District - One Year Project/ Program
    • The capstone experience will provide opportunities to apply skills and concepts in a problem-based extensive project. In addition, students will create an electronic career portfolio [webpage] and will share final projects with the community in a public showcase event
    • Exit Survey and Interview with Academy Manager

P O T E N T I A L   C A R E E R S 

Design & Communication

Media & Communication

●  Audio Production
●  Digital Recording
●  Music Editor
●  Screenwriter
●  Sound Engineering
●  Video Production
  • Graphic Designer
  • Advertising 
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Digital Illustrator
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